Hock Lee Bus Riots

Where did it happen?
It happened at Hock Lee Amalgamated Bus Company depot in Alexandra.

When did it happen?
It happened on May 12 1955

Who were involved?
Chinese students and workers from the Singapore Bus Workers Union (SBWU) and 6 other bus companies

Why did it happen?
The poor working conditions, long working hours and low pay from the company and they protest against new work rosters and the formation of rival.

What were the results?
4 people were killed and 31 were injured. The workers who were sacked by the bus company got their jobs back. The workers felt that the strike was a success, as they got their jobs back.

How did it make you feel?
I feel that it is important to company to give in to the workers demand or else they may be a riot similar to the Hock Lee Bus Riots in 1955.

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